Corporate services


Spatial planning, design and execution (IDS)

IDS (Interoffice Design Studio) is our team specializing in spatial design and placemaking, providing an end-to-end service for a plethora of spaces from offices to public facilities such as universities, libraries, airports and government buildings, plus hotels, showrooms, hospitals and more.


Furniture imports and sales

Interoffice handles a wide range of items from iconic designer pieces of decades past, to the very latest in on-trend office furniture, plus lighting and interior wares. Our consistent mission is to design spaces that will optimize use of all these, in turn helping people to be more creative.

Made to Order

Custom furniture production

As well as customizing existing furniture, Interoffice offers a bespoke service covering the entire process from designing original furniture and fittings, to manufacture and installation. We begin with a thorough exploration of why made-to-order furniture would be the best option for the space, then commit to delivering the best furniture for that space.


Furniture subscription service

A monthly subscription service is also available for office furniture, mainly items from the Finnish "Framery" brand providing smart solutions for sound issues in the office.

B2C operations


Spatial planning, design and execution (IDS)

Good Design IS Good People

Design About

Spaces that take into account people, objects, and circumstances

IDS (Interoffice Design Studio) is our team specializing in spatial design and placemaking, and consists of individuals with a solid grounding in fields including but not exclusive to architecture and interior design.

To create the perfect setting for the situation we delve deep into the story behind each product and item of furniture, and try to imagine things that could only occur in that space, and positive impacts specific to that space. By contemplating objects and circumstances as we design that special "place" we aim for spaces that amaze and delight all who come in contact with them.

Design Flow

Making spaces, from A to Z

From consulting to design, furniture styling, custom furniture and product manufacture, site and project management: at Interoffice we have built a system that covers every aspect of putting your new space together.

We can also shape our involvement in your project to fit in with your schedule, and any specific issues. Our flexible, versatile team work together to offer clients the best solutions for their needs.


Furniture imports and sales

Good Design IS Good People

Products About

Furniture to delight and excite

Attractive, functional spaces encourage their users to be more creative. Furniture is an essential element of such spaces.

Interoffice began in 1983 with a mission to improve Japanese office spaces, and today offers services not just for offices but also public facilities such as schools and airports, commercial properties such as hotels and restaurants, and housing, designing spaces to suit the customer's needs while also supplying office furniture ranging from iconic designer pieces of decades past, to the very latest innovations.

Interoffice deals in furniture, lighting and interior wares by top names both domestic and international, supplying everything from longstanding designer options to cutting-edge office components, courtesy of brands such as Vitra, which offers new ways of working teamed with attractive design and function; USM (USM Modular Furniture), which allows customers to switch and supplement components with ease to transform the office environment, plus Knoll Studio, ClassiCon, and Muuto.

With premises in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka, Interoffice is well-positioned to serve clients all over Japan, while merchandise control, delivery and installation by our own distribution warehouses makes it easier for us to cater to specific requirements.

ServicesMade to Order

Custom furniture production

Good Design IS Good People

Made to Order About

Finding the most suitable custom-made item for the space

At Interoffice "made to order" encompasses multiple approaches to customization, but with the common element of flexibility in meeting client demands. From customizing existing furniture to the design and manufacture of furniture to fit specific spaces and activities, mass production of furniture for larger projects, product design including product development, and manufacturing control, at Interoffice we have the knowledge and experience to deliver the most suitable furniture for your space.