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We provide high-quality spaces and furniture with our extensive track record and experience

Beautiful and functional spaces can make people more creative.
Luxurious and comfortable office spaces enhance the creativity and productivity of each person, and become an influence that leads to reliable business results.
In addition, office design is very important as branding to show the corporate vision and its work style to both inside and outside the company.

inter office started in 1983 with the aim of improving the Japanese office space, and has introduced mainly European high-quality office furniture such as Vitra and USM.
Today, we propose spaces that meet your needs not only at office spaces but also at public facilities (schools and airports), commercial facilities (hotels and restaurants), and homes, together with from masterpiece furniture that have made their name in history to contemporary office furniture.

We have our offices in Tokyo and Osaka, and we provide our service all over Japan.

Office design

Design to influence people's consciousness and emotions

Office furniture

High-quality furniture and lighting mainly from Europe

Custom-made furniture

Custom-made furniture that meets your needs

Maintenance services

Maintenance services such as furniture repair and cleaning

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