Ariake is a furniture brand founded by two companies, Legnatec and Hirata Chair, in Morodomi, Saga Prefecture, a town known for its furniture production. The name “Ariake” is inspired by the Ariake Sea, located in Kyushu, Japan.
In Japanese, “Ariake” means dawn, symbolizing the new beginning of these two companies as they aim for the global market and initiate collaborations with international designers. Ariake believe that strong connections in their work are the foundation for creating excellent products. Furniture is designed for the social aspects of human life, where people live, work, and dine together.
All of their creations are designed by renowned designers such as Anderssen & Voll, Gabriel Tan, Keiji Ashizawa, Norm Architects, Shin Azumi, Staffan Holm, Zoe Mowat, and crafted in Morodomi.