Arper, founded in Treviso, Italy, traces its origins back to 1980 when Luigi Feltrin, who served as the honorary president until his passing in 2020, established a small leather manufacturing business. In 1989, his sons Mauro and Claudio took over the company, aspiring to globalize and transform it into a corporate entity.
Initially focused on producing leather chairs, Arper expanded its product range to include other materials such as aluminum and polypropylene. They have also demonstrated a commitment to environmental consciousness by incorporating organically derived synthetic resins and recycled materials into their products. Unwavering research and development efforts are dedicated to creating sustainable solutions.
Arper’s designs are characterized by a pursuit of functional beauty, emphasizing streamlined forms and structures while eschewing excessive ornamentation. The company strives for minimalism and efficiency in their products, reflecting a dedication to timeless aesthetics and thoughtful craftsmanship.