ClassiCon, founded in 1990, is a furniture manufacturer based in Munich, Germany. The brand name combines “classical” and “contemporary,” evoking the idea of learning from the past while embracing the new. Under the philosophy of ClassiCon, they produce and showcase products that embody both aspects.
One of the notable designers representing ClassiCon is Irish-born Eileen Gray (1878-1976). As an architect and designer, Gray made a name for herself in the 1920s with her restrained designs, becoming a pioneer among female designers. Her Adjustable Table, which she designed, is considered a “design icon of the 20th century” and has become part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.
Currently, ClassiCon also collaborates with cutting-edge designers, offering innovative designs that go beyond minimalism and showcase originality.