Lapalma was established in 1978 by Dario and Romano Marcato, in the garage of their home in Padua, northern Italy. Before starting Lapalma, they were involved in manufacturing highly accurate transistor capsules used by NASA. Drawing on their expertise, Lapalma now specializes in high-quality modern furniture. Among their wide range of stylish furniture, one particularly famous piece is the “LEM Stool.” Designed by the Japanese design unit AZUMI (Shin and Tomoko Azumi), this counter stool features a single frame extending from the footrest to the seat, creating a fluid and visually appealing design. It has received various design awards in countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy, and Japan, and is included in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Products designed to delight users are created with meticulous attention to detail, guided by the Italian tradition of “beautiful and well-made.” What these products have in common is their lightweight, minimal, and elegant style. They are designed to adapt flexibly to various living situations, whether in public or private spaces, indoors or outdoors. This consistent and balanced system brings people closer together, strengthens connections, and facilitates smooth interpersonal relationships and daily work. Lapalma’s innovative and functional solutions foster harmonious and continuous dialogue between spaces and the people who inhabit them, reflecting their ongoing pursuit of excellence.