In 1928, the company was founded as Showa Mageki Kojo (Showa Bentwood Factory), aiming at “industrial production of furniture through the division of labor that does not depend on craftsmen.”
Renowned as the “Maruni of technology,” the company has pursued reforms in every process. With a focus on precision machine processing while preserving the beauty of traditional craftsmanship, Maruni Wood Industry has become a leading domestic furniture manufacturer with extensive knowledge of wood.
In 2008, Maruni Wood Industry, together with Naoto Fukasawa, unveiled the “Hiroshima Chair,” which was subsequently adopted in thousands of units at the Apple Park and Apple’s new headquarters. In 2011, Jasper Morrison also joined the collaboration, expanding their worldview year by year. Designers and technicians engage earnestly, continuously bringing forth designs that bring out the allure of wood, while skilled artisans uphold the tradition of meticulous craftsmanship.