Muuto is a furniture brand founded in 2006 by Peter Bonnén and Kristian Byrge, originating from Copenhagen, Denmark. Denmark is renowned as one of the world’s leading design nations, and in recent years, a new scandinavia style known as “New Nordic” has garnered attention. Muuto is a pioneering furniture brand in the realm of New Nordic design. Interestingly, the founder’s partner is Finnish, and the name “muuto” is derived from the Finnish word “muutos,” which means “new perspective” in English. True to its name, Muuto explores unprecedented Nordic furniture by incorporating the latest technology and bold imagination while rooted in traditional Nordic design and craftsmanship. They actively engage prominent designers at the forefront and integrate their talent with the company’s creative team to consistently produce high-quality furniture. Muuto offers a diverse furniture collection, including chairs, tables, lighting, and accessories, which adorn various settings ranging from homes to cafes, restaurants, and offices. When it comes to Muuto’s furniture, the characteristic features include forms that evoke a sense of lightness and softness, as well as a subdued color palette akin to earth tones. The brand particularly emphasizes its dedication to “color” and even has a specialized in-house color direction team. Muuto has received high praise not only for its design but also for its commitment to environmentally conscious furniture production. They were quick to adopt sustainable practices, such as using PEFC-certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) wood and transitioning from traditional lacquer finishes to water-based lacquer finishes, considering indoor environments and their impact on the human body. Muuto continuously updates furniture production from various perspectives.