Walter Knoll

The origins of Walter Knoll can be traced back to Wilhelm Knoll, who founded a leather business in Stuttgart, Germany in 1865. Walter Knoll took over his father’s business, and in 1925, the company adopted its current name.
The fact that Wilhelm Knoll was appointed as a supplier to the Kingdom of Württemberg is evidenced by Walter Knoll’s distinctive feature known as “Knoll Leather” even in modern times. The highly acclaimed “Knoll Leather” is produced by carefully selecting high-quality hides from cattle that are raised and managed to ensure they are free from blemishes. Sewing is also done using machines that do not harm the leather or thread, reflecting the uncompromising craftsmanship. Products from Walter Knoll, born from these exquisite materials and solid techniques, continue to be favored by top business professionals of today as well as chosen for home office spaces.