FACES Azabujuban

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FACES Azabujuban

“FACES Azabujuban” is a gallery bar located in Azabu-Juban, where alcohol and sweets take center stage, complemented by art and music, providing a delightful space for patrons to enjoy. The establishment boasts a team of skilled professionals, including a patissier, bartender, sommelier, and floor staff. In this captivating ambiance, visitors can savor a wide array of colorful sweets paired harmoniously with their corresponding drinks.
The interior design of the space was envisioned to serve as the perfect “backdrop” for people to converge and indulge in the world of sweets, cocktails, art, and music. We meticulously curated various elements, such as the color palette that complements each art piece, lustrous materials, and comfortable seating fabrics, aiming to create a cohesive and captivating atmosphere.
The space features an L-shaped counter and cozy sofa seats arranged in pairs, allowing guests to relax while admiring carefully selected artworks from around the globe adorning the walls. Our intention was to craft an ambiance that encourages patrons to lose themselves in the unhurried flow of time.
Throughout the design process, we took into account the specific needs of the staff, incorporating their feedback into the selection and design of furnishings, such as sofas, tables, and counters, which would be used in daily operations.
In the early stages of the project, even before securing the location, we prepared fitting plans to aid in selecting the ideal property based on our envisioned concept, as well as assisted in profit and loss calculations (PL). Once the venue was confirmed, we undertook coordination for construction phases B and C, while simultaneously managing detailed aspects of customer-arranged works, cost adjustments, and design modifications, all in close collaboration with the owner, ensuring alignment with the PL.
Regarding the extensive art installations within the premises, the process ran concurrently with the interior design. We modified the interior design to harmonize with the owner’s selected artworks and conducted thorough consultations involving the owner, we, Interoffice, and a specialized framing store. These consultations led to the meticulous consideration and implementation of appropriate framing and installation methods, demonstrating our commitment to bring the owner’s vision to life.
In conclusion, “FACES Azabujuban” is a meticulously designed and thoughtfully crafted space, where the art of sweet indulgence and aesthetic pleasure converge with the enjoyment of art and music, offering visitors a haven to savor the finer things in life.

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