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This office in Tokyo offers a unique view of the Imperial Palace’s lush greenery and surrounding moat, providing a rare and valued space in the heart of the city. The design makes the most of this natural setting that allow staff to enjoy the changing seasons and daily weather variations from within the office.
The interior design, custom furniture, and product sourcing for this office were managed in collaboration with Nakajima-LLC, an architecture project management company and Interoffice.

Creating a Workspace That Employees Love and Respect

The shift in workstyles following the pandemic has prompted many companies to redefine their office environments. For global companies’ Japanese branches, it’s crucial to create a workspace where each staff member feels like part of the team. This office design enhances communal spaces to support staff morale and teamwork.

Embracing Subtle Japanese Aesthetics

Drawing from the Japanese concept of “shakkei,” or borrowed scenery, this office design integrates natural elements while maintaining a delicate balance that reflects global elegance. Symmetrical hallways and partition designs resembling shoji doors add subtle touches of traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Project Member

Design inter office ltd.

Design Direction & PM Nakajima-LLC

Construction Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd., Interoffice


Photo Nacasa &Partners Inc.


Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo

Products Used In This Project

  • Vitra Softshell Chair
  • Louis Poulsen VL56