Sanyo Construction "SAN CAFE"

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Sanyo Construction "SAN CAFE"

This is a break room renewal project for Sanyo Construction, headquartered in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture. In order to revitalize communication within the company, a calm atmosphere was required that was different from that of the office space.
Taking advantage of the location on the third floor of the head office building, we sought to create a space that was as simple as possible, reframing the changing scenery and the comfort of the breeze from the windows.

First, we removed the blinds that had blocked the connection to the outside, and partially deepened the walls to gradually shave off the spatial elements such as existing columns and moldings. For the finish, we used minimal elements such as beige paint and light-colored oak.

We conducted workshops for the selection of each material, furniture, and lighting, and worked with the committee composed of young employees within Sanyo Construction to make decisions, including the selection of the brand name “SAN CAFE”.

By actively involving employees in the design process, we were able to incorporate real requests from the site level, and we feel that we were able to create a space that employees can be attached to.

Project Member

Design & Construction inter office ltd.


Photo Matsumura Yoshiharu


Koka-shi, Shiga

Products Used In This Project

  • Muuto Nerd Chair
  • Muuto Relate Side Table
  • Fritz Hansen RO
  • Vitra Occasional Low Table