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This is an office space that utilizes two floors, with each floor covering an area of 2,876 square meters.
As the headquarters of a company with stores nationwide, the office is envisioned as a “Base” for the stores and a “Key Station” for the headquarters. It serves as a central hub for gathering information from across the country, where editing, creation, and dissemination take place in various areas throughout the office.
The editing station is centrally located within the office, with individual rooms called “STUDIO” arranged along a 4-meter wide corridor. The combination of different wall and ceiling materials allows for a variety of STUDIO designs, fostering creative diversity.
The material concept is expressed as “DIGITAL ↔ NATURE,” emphasizing a strong contrast between artificial and natural elements to create a striking contrast.

Project Member

Design YOHAK DESIGN STUDIO + inter office ltd.

PM&construction JPDH


Photo Kenta Hasegawa


Yokohama, Kanagawa

Products Used In This Project

  • Vitra Allstra
  • Vitra Fauteuil de Salon
  • Vitra Soft Modular Sofa
  • Vitra Physix
  • Artek Domus Chair
  • Artek Kaari Table
  • Muuto Cover Arm Chair
  • Muuto Fiber Counter Stool
  • Maruni T&O T1
  • Ariake Dovetail Stool
  • Outline Chair
  • Ariake Arm Chair
  • Lapalma Kipu
  • Vitra Stool-Tool
  • Vitra Resting BeaR
  • Muuto Standard Pendant Lamp
  • Artek A110 Pendant Lamp