Sunmark Publishing, Inc.

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Sunmark Publishing, which publishes numerous books not only in Japan but around the world, undertaken an office relocation project. With the theme of “Delivering Sanmark Publishing’s content to every corner of the Earth” and the concept of “In This World,” the company embraces the keywords “Best work, Good life.”

As a company that values language, Sunmark Publishing aimed to embody words in its office space. The office is divided into three zones—Ocean, Sky, and Wind—representing different departments. Additionally, four free spaces—The Garden, The Box, The Vision, and The Load—have been designed.

– The Zone represents the working areas based on departmental configurations.
– The Garden serves as a “lush green” communication space where employees can gather for casual conversations, meetings, and a change of mood.
– The Box is a dedicated area for conferences and meetings.
– The Vision, located by the window with counter desks, provides a space to envision the future and contemplate prospects while gazing at the sky.
– The Load represents the path leading to the world, featuring bookshelves displaying books translated worldwide.

By creating spaces aligned with these purposes and placing the Load at the center of the office, connecting various areas around it, the office achieves a sense of unity and allows individuals to experience the concept of the office.

Project Member

Design inter office ltd.

PM inter office ltd.

Construction inter office ltd.




Shinjuku Ward,Tokyo

Products Used In This Project

  • Vitra ID Mesh
  • Vitra Softshell Chair
  • Vitra Softshell Side chair
  • Vitra Standard
  • Artek Domus Chair
  • Artek A330
  • Ariake Summit Lounge Chair
  • Maruni T&O table